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Sunday, November 14, 2010
Since writing scripts, and making psd and psp templates with them, I was wondering if people actually realise that you are not just limited to colourise them. You can actually use your kit papers to colour a template, and I am going to show you how. I am not sure if there is a tutorial out there for this, so if there is, then any similarities are purely coincidental. I only use paint shop pro and will be using psp12 for this, so if you use another program or an earlier one than this, then Im sure you may be able to follow with what your program has. Its really quite simple really and here we go. Open your program, then open a template of your choice (I am using my folded ribbon template I have for sale in stores) and a background paper of your choice.(I am using a background paper from my Give Thanks kit in stores) Each image is under the steps we will take. you need to duplicate your template, if your template is in layers, its best to hide the ones you wont be using, this template I am using is a merged image, so all I need to do is right click on the image and click duplicate. You now have 2 templates. Now you need to click adjust> hue and saturation > hue/saturation/lightness Drag both your markers down to to -100 to blacken out the copy of your template. You can see in my sidebar that the original layer is still desaturated and the copy layer is black. Now we want to floodfill our black layer with our background paper. So making sure your black template is the layer we are working with, we click selections>select all>float>defloat> this should leave marching ants around your black layer and there should be still only 2 layers. Now we click to flood fill and find our background of choice in our materials box. Flood fill your black layer, then click selections>select none and this stops your marching ants. Now in your layers area, you click to overlay/hard light/darken etc to achieve the look you like with your background paper. Once you have achieved the look you are after, we then want to merge the layers. So we click layers>merge>merge visible and voila you have a merged pattern in your template. So much nicer than a plain colourise and this can personalise to your projects. Have fun playing and thanks for stopping by.


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